L.I. Pivak

State Scientific and Production Enterprise "Kartographia", Kyiv, Ukraine


General Geographic Atlas of  Ukraine, edited in 2004, became the first edition of the new stage in mapping of  Ukraine.

The Atlas consists of 112 pages. It includes four chapters:

1.      Geopolitical position of  Ukraine. Ethnic and ethnographic lands (11 p.).

2.      Maps of administrative units of  Ukraine (29 p.).

3.      Regions of  Ukraine. National nature parks (33 p.).

4.      Towns and cities (11 p.).

The Atlas represents settlements, communications, hydrography, relief, and vegetation in detail.

General geographic maps of  Ukraine administrative units are charted in the scale of 1:750 000 and 1:1 000 000. General geographic maps of regions are in the scale of 1:500 000 ( Ukrainian Carpathians, the Crimean Mountains, Donbas) and 1:100 000 (the Southern coast of the Crimea). On the maps of Ukraine regions maps of national nature parks in scales of 1:80 000, 1:120 000, 1:130 000, 1:200 000, 1:250 000, city maps (1:150 000) the relief is shown in the unified scale of the oblast maps with insignificant detailed elaboration due to the enlargement of scale. Continuous contour lines are drawn in 20 m, and layer painting is done in accordance with the general scale of relief profile. On the territory of  Ukrainian Carpathians the continuous contour lines are drawn in 40 m. The Azov Sea  (1:1 500 000) and the Black Sea (1:2 750 000) are shown on separate maps. The Atlas is supplied by reference information on the biggest geographical objects of  Ukraine: rivers, lakes, reservoirs, mountain summits, and also on administrative units: the Autonomous Republic of the Crimea and all the oblasts.

The Index of geographical names contains over 23 000 names of settlements, rivers, lakes, reservoirs, mountains, ridges, passes, areas, tracts.