Miel - Nedvizhimostj 

     The new direction of the large-scale geoinformational map-making connected with representation of large urban architectural complexes (territories of historical monuments and reserves, monasteries, citadels, museums and so on) is developed in thematic cartography. Maps of these installations have reference, tourist  local lore, cultural and historical, architectural  and planning purpose.The direction itself is on a joint of cities map-making with cadastral estimation elements tourist and inquire map-making. One of this direction formed branches  is compilng of the university campuses maps. The largest universities of  Europe, America and Asia aim to present the educational institutions in the most attractive aspect for today hundreds maps, charts, space photo maps, three-dimensional models and other materials representing campuses are made in Russia and in the world, but  analysis of these materials testifies to absence of universities atlases  .

     The first multimedia reference atlas of  Moscow university  is compiled and published in the Moscow State University in  2003г. Its minor version (2005г) is placed on the Internet.

     «The technique  compilation  campuses   multimedia atlases  territories  » has been used for development of the atlas of the Moscow State University. The given technique includes a complex of software and production engineering which provides an opportunity of implantation in the atlas: The evident interface, virtual excursions, maps, photos and space images, historical documents, text and a soundtrack. The compact structure of the developed product allows placing it on laser mini-disk (80 mm), which does not require additional applications for start and work.

     The electronic multimedia atlas of the Moscow State University is compiled as product of help purpose. It is called to reflect ecological - geographical features of territory, the historical periods of its development and the modern architectural solutions applied during active development and new construction in territory of a campus. Proceeding from purpose of the atlas, , materials of space survey for the different periods, photos, textual geographical and historical, archival, statistical data and materials of field surveys are used for its formulation besides cartographical sources.

     The help three-dimensional model of the Moscow State University buildings and territories complex, combined with the hypsometric basis, distinguished by high clearness presentation is also included besides texts, maps and pictures, in composition of the atlas. In total in 10 sections of the atlas it is placed more than 25 old and modern maps of campus territory, aerial- and space pictures, texts, historical descriptions, about 200 photos of university buildings, monuments, sports constructions and others.

     The Internet-version of the atlas is placed on  the Moscow State University Geographical faculty site ( There are a text description of the Moscow State University multimedia atlas and three maps in its composition. The content of the map «Buildings and constructions» is added by animation pictures of the university structures, where the combined images of their various foreshortenings are presented. The content of the map «Passenger transport and foot zones in territory of  Moscow State University» is added by digital pictures of public transport several stops, land and underground passages, and also foot zones and sidewalks. Analogous functionality is presented on the map «Monuments and memorials» which is supplied by pictures of all monuments and the memorials in the territory.