The Siberian State Geodetic Academy


The electronic atlas (EA) is a system of visualization in the form of electronic maps, the electronic cartographic product functionally similar to a complex of electronic maps. It is supported by the software of the cartographical browsers type providing time-lapse viewing of map half-tone images;; the cartographical viewers serving for representation of maps and charts. Besides a cartographic representation, EA usually include extensive text comments, tabular data, Multimedia EA has animation, video series and a soundtrack. As a rule, they are created for the reference and general educational purposes by means of the automated cartographical systems or GIS. EA are distributed on compact discs or are exposed in the Internet network.

The creative collective of Cartography and Geoinformatics Faculty (The Siberian State Geodetic Academy) develops the electronic atlas of Novosibirsk area named Love and Know the Home Land for high school:

The given electronic atlas is a reference cartographic multimedia system on CD-ROM created on the basis of The Atlas of the Young Tourist of the Novosibirsk area, 1996 and the Atlas of Novosibirsk area, 2002 , curriculums and school-books of general educational establishments and additional literary and statistical sources.

The atlas is intended for studying physical and economic geography of area in general educational establishments, average special and higher educational institutions, and also for out-of-class study of local lore work, for formation of a geographical image of the district (an image of the "small" Home Land). In its all variety and integrity, it is intended on the basis of the complex approach on three basic components ( the nature, the population and economy of the area) to bring up patriotism in pupils, respect to history and culture of people settling it. by means of geographical knowledge of civilization.

Structure of the electronic atlas Love and Study Your Homeland:

ü      Entrance video clip;

ü      The title page with the name of the Atlas and copyrights of development engineers;

ü      The introduction containing a general characteristic of product, its purpose, manual on use of the atlas;

ü      The table of contents, containing names of the basic sections and sub items of the Atlas;

ü      The geographical information on Novosibirsk area;

ü      The maps of the Atlas accompanied by legends, explanatory and additions in the form of tables, bar graphs;

ü      Verifying system of pupil knowledge an estimation of.

ü      The index of place names;

ü      The abbreviation accepted on maps of the Atlas and in the index;

ü      The dictionary of the special terms used, but not explained in texts;

ü      Data on authors of maps and development engineers of a compact disc.

Functioning and use of EA will occur on the basis of the original interactive programme shell consisting of Viewer developed on the basis of GIS allowing representing digital vector installations in a format *.vsa and semantic data in a format *.dbf and a browser for viewing Html pages.