S.V.Tchistov, I.A.Simonov

The Moscow State University, Chair  of Cartography and Geoinformatics, Geographical Faculty, Moscow, Russia


The development of the given problems on the water area of the Nha Trang Gulf (South China sea) has been conducted by the joint force of employees of the Institute of Oceanology, SRV (Nha Trang) and the Russian-Vietnamese Tropical Center for already more than fifteen years.

Scientific researches in this region are oriented on a row of specific targets:

- studying a specific variety and ecology of sea organisms;

-the role of hydrological processes in the formation of sea community structurally functional peculiarities and productivity of foreshore ecosystems;

- conservation and recovery of food hydrocoles biological resources;

- the control and the estimation of the gulf water environment condition.

Having saved up significant volume of the information, authors have collided with necessity of interconnecting the isolated data in a uniform system. World experience of works under such programs testifies to necessity of cartographic method application for the spatial localization maintenance of  all isolated information. In scientific researches it is especially important that the actual material would be gathered, collected and processed by uniform principles. The cartographic approach at the solution of the above described problems gives conclusive advantages:

By the present moment on cartographic  providing maintenance three directions in works were outlined, as result of consecutive implementation of map-making stages:

- preparation of a digital cartographic basis;

- creation of some thematic maps by results of the completed field researches.  First of all, the attention has been concentrated on creation of map types and dynamics  for the Nha Trang Gulf ground sediments. The map of ground adjournment is made with the purpose of the further research on character, periodicity of sedimentary materials updating, influence of sediments on benthos organisms and on their evolution in benthonic layer. Representation of the given map content elements is based on an actual material, and, to a great deal, on the analysis of ground sediment formation factors and conditions.

- researches of the spatial interconnections of water environment parameters and bio productivity of the water area on the basis of the gained thematic maps at a closing experimental stage. The space correlation analysis is used for experiments. Experiments were spent in the various software products environment allowing, in the beginning to count for points with the set coordinates factors of correlation, and then to represent in the form of isograms sections with various extent of communication.

The gained maps and the experiments lead on their basis testify to opportunities using of researches cartographical method for the task solution in view. The further perfection of this kind of work is seen in creation of specialized geoinformational system (GIS), purposeful not only for the problem solution of information precise space localization solving , but also for conducting a various aspect of situations modelling.