D. Yu1, R. Huang2, J. Qiao2, L. Zhang3, L. Dong4

1 - WuHan University; QingDao University, China

2 - WuHan University, Wuhan, China

3 - Qingdao university, Qingdao, China

4 - Institute of Oceanography CAS, China


China is a big country of population in the world. Women development is an important part of global economy and social development and has always been highly evaluated by the international society. Chinese government has been giving more attention to womens development. An atlas is the best way to show womens development. To compile National Women Atlas is the reflection of our country's determination in women development. The National Women Atlas will provides a better way of demonstrating womens rights, keep the view a performance of womens position with function in politics, economy, culture etc. realm of country. The National Women Atlas will provide a better way of demonstrating the regional discrepancy of women in health, diseases and environment. The ICA takes the sex and the map research extremely, has set up the map and the sex specialized committee specially, Census Cartography. After the Beijing World Conference of Women convened in 1995, along with the national sex statistical data unceasing consummation and the development, the woman theory and the method as well as the Statistical target system research has been unceasingly improved.

The paper carries on "National Women Atlas" the edition design research, and we analyze the woman essential factors, study the basic characteristic of the women map, the key elaboration of establishing "National Women Atlas" the goal, the nature and the design guiding ideology, "National Women Atlas" selects a topic and the overall construction, the map design and the arrangement, the technical method and the technical process, acquisition of information and so on. Finally, we carry on the edition design experiment and the test result appraisal analysis research of the women map.

This research on "National Women Atlas" the edition design is the ex-period work for publishing "National Women Atlas".