L.I. Pivak

State Scientific and Production Enterprise "Kartographia", Kyiv, Ukraine



Political and Administrative Atlas of the Ukraine, edited in 2006, can be characterized as the first attempt at atlas mapping of such kind and the first political and administrative atlas of Ukraine in the entire history of its territory mapping  . It represents present day and historical peculiarities of the state administrative and territorial division and consists of four chapters:

1.      Formation of territory of  Ukraine. (9 maps).

2.      Administrative division of  Ukraine (33 maps).

3.      Centres of administrative units (16 maps).

4.      Towns and cities of regional (oblast) subordination (6 maps).

The first chapter represents changes in political and administrative division of Ukraine beginning with 1917 till the present day. Political and administrative maps of the Autonomous Republic of the Crimea and maps of administrative regions (oblasts) are charted in the scales of 1:1 000 000and 1:750 000. Besides, city maps are in larger scale: maps of cities of state subordination of 1: 150 000, the main city agglomerations of 1:300 000. Maps of the cities, which are the centres of administrative units, constitute a separate chapter. All the plans are charted in the scale of 1:100 000. Plans of cities of regional (oblast) subordination are in the same scale.

Reference information on the Autonomous Republic of the Crimea, all the oblasts of Ukraine and its biggest cities makes up an important part of the Atlas. The Atlas includes the list of settlements, which had been taken off record due to their merger with other settlements or transmigration of the inhabitants. The index of geographical names includes 23 000 entries.