In December, 2006 the Government of Russia has made a decision on creation of special economic zones (OEZ) of tourist and recreational type in seven subjects of the Russian Federation, two of them are at southern coast of the Baikal. In the Irkutsk oblast OEZ will be placed near to Listvyanka (60 km to the east of Irkutsk), in Buryatiya it is  in the region of warm lake Kotokel (150 km to the North of Ulan-Ude).

    In 2009 under forecasts of tour operators sharp increase in a stream of tourists is expected. The task in front of Irkutsk cartographers  is to prepare various cartographical products on OEZ territory, coasts of lake and adjoining regions of Pribaikalye and Transbaikalye in due time. In 2005 for this purpose under the initiative of the General Director at the factory a specialized division  group of thematic map-making was created, by which for 2 years  more than 30 maps and atlases were created (See the Exhibition). The thematic plan of unclassified products for 2007-2009 envisages publication of more 70 maps and atlases.

    Considering OEZ specialization, the special place is allocated to compilation of tourist maps. Along the lake works just have started on around Baikal lake ecological foot track facility construction (design by BBPT), but our cartographers already have released some maps for footpaths: Listvyanka-Elantsy, Elantsy-Kurma, North Pribaikalye, Baikal mountains, Lake Frolikha, and also Tunkinsky Goljtsy, On Orient Sayan, etc.

    Very popular with fans of extreme tourism is rafting along the rivers of Pribaikalye region. For them special maps are published, where especially dangerous sections are allotted out in more large scale. These are the river Irkut, Oka. It is planned to compile maps on settlements Utulik, Urik, etc.

    For auto tourists we offer a map of motoring high-ways of Irkutsk area, route charts to places of mass repose: IrkutskListvyanka, Irkutsk–the Small Sea, IrkutskBaikalsk, auto tour From Baikal up to Khubsugul, and also atlases of motorways on all subjects of the Russian Federation compiled  by Roskartographya. We plane to create a series of road atlases on different sections of coast.

      The maps of the Baikal  Lake occupy a special place at different versions of a lake general chart  and adjoining territory in scale of 1:1000 000. They are placed on the back of almost all maps. The publication of maps in a larger scale with boundary lines of especially guarded territories and also maps-sailing directions for fans of sailing and owners of yachts is planned. 

    The way to Baikal for the majority of tourists passes through Irkutsk. For visitors of city the map and the large-scale atlas (2 issues) are compiled and constantly updated.  Maps of oblast territories ( Listvyanka, Angarsk, Usolye-Sibirskoye) are created. Maps of Irkutsk, Bratsk, Shelekhov, Cheremkhovo, etc. for motorists are published in cooperation with other organizations. We plan to create a guidebook, a series of maps of Irkutsk and a series of "The Map of Irkutsk oblast cities”.

    Diagrams on the basic routs will be made ( Irkutsk–Moscow, Irkutsk-Vladivostok) for fans of travel on railways traffic.

    The most popular maps are intended for the mixed tourism (foot, water, horse and automobile itineraries) for Island Olkhon and Barguzinsky GulfChivyrkujsky Gulf.

    At mapping process the modern materials are used. If it is  necessary, field diagnostic study is carried out, specialists of the Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations, tour agencies are involved as consultants, etc. For example, it was done for the wall Physical Map of the Irkutsk Oblast in scale of 1:1500 000. Not only more than 200 deposits of the basic minerals (with allocation of unique and large), but also pipelines under construction are shown. The main oil pipeline Eastern SiberiaPacific Ocean and gas pipeline KovyktaSayanskIrkutsk are represented too. We believe that it is interesting not only to students, but also useful to know many specialists too.

    The basic characteristics of maps producted by the factory are as follows:

  1. Compilation of a greater part of tourist maps on the basis of topographical maps in scale of 1: 100 000.
  2. Use of modern computer production engineering, paper of high quality and professional designers for appearance.
  3. Practically all maps are released in two languages (Russian, English): the text, legend and place names (Roman letters).
  4. The obligatory publication of tourist maps in a foldable mode. Maps of cities are released in two versions ( foldable and wall one).