Y F Liu

Wuhan Uinv., School of Resource Environment Science, Wuhan, PRC.


The Atlas of Baoan Urban Construction and Development of Shenzhen city


Liu Yanfang1,Hou yajuan2, Liu yaolin1

(1 Dept.of resource and environment,Wuhan university ,Luoyu Road ,Wuhan 430072, Email:

(1 Dept.of resource and environment,Wuhan university ,Luoyu Road ,Wuhan 430072,

(2 Wuhan Geotechnical Engineering and Surveying Institute 430072,Email:

With the rapid development of urban economy and society, altas is more and more important obviously for its function to demonstrate great changes and development in cities. In china, many cities have compiled many kinds of atlases with different emphasizes one after another, especially for those in economy blooming areas, such as Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. The Atlas of Urban Construction and Development of Baoan, Shenzhen is aiming at the great changes and great achievements in urban construction and Land management Since the implementation of the policy of reform and the opening to the outside world., it is important window to recognize and understand Baoan, which is one of specially economic zones of china.

 The atlas with 160 pages(787mm2×1092mm2,1/8) was published in 2004 and got the third prize for national mapping competition in 2006.

 It fully illustrates that the driving force of social-economic demand is pushing our cartographers to compile all kinds of thematic atlases and maps, and to do more research on the new issues in compiling the atlases.

As for the features of the atlas , this paper is divided into 6 parts:

(1)    Principles for atlas design;

(2)    Design of map scales﹠layouts;

(3)  Systematic design of map contents. The altas is classified into 6 groups: general information, natural environment, economy situation, infrastructure, land administration and urban planning and development;

(4)  Map representing methodology. We pay more attention to the integration of different map representing methods, representing corresponding contents on different layers of the map, bilinqual annotation( Chinese-English )and making full use of images, photos, diagrams, tables and characters;

(5)  Process design and integration of mapping techniques. All maps are compiled under the digital environment . We integrate CorelDRAW9 with AutoCAD, Photoshop and ArcView, Arc/Info to deal with multiform data, such as *.dwg , * .arc, *.shp etc.

(6)  Discussion ﹠Enlightenments