A.N. Krajukhin, G.V. Pozdnjak

PKO Cartography


Integrated Cartographic Enterprise Cartography is the leading enterprise of Roskartografiya, engaging in production of maps and atlases of various purpose and thematic orientation. The enterprise was established in 1938. For the period of its existence the enterprise has issued over 4 thousand various maps and atlases, including such fundamental pieces of work as the World Atlas (its third edition was issued in 1999), Political Atlas of the World and Some Continents, Geographic Atlas of Russia, National Atlases of Cuba and Mongolia, Geological-Geographical atlases of the Indian, the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans, which were greatly appreciated all over the world.

Integrated Cartographic Enterprise Cartography is the national holder of databases on the world, states of the world, Russia and its subjects. The Integrated Enterprise has switched completely to electronic digital technologies, including hybrid IC technologies.

Atlas cartography is the staple activity of our Integrated Enterprise.

Integrated Cartographic Enterprise is assigned a serious and honorable mission to create the National Atlas of Russia. The National Atlas of Russia is being created as a four-volume edition: Volume 1 General Characteristics of Territories; Volume 2 Nature. Ecology; Volume 3 Population. Economy; Volume 4 History. Culture.

Integrated Cartographic Enterprise Cartography has prepared for publication and releasing Geographical Atlas of Russia. The atlas was prepared based on the general geographic maps of Volume 1 of the National Atlas of Russia including General Characteristics of Territories. Geographical Atlas of Russia is a cartographic reference book designated for a wide circle of readers. In 2003 Atlas of the World, political saw appeared in print.

Integrated Cartographic Enterprise Cartography is actively cooperating with the Russian regions in the field of preparation and release of various cartographic products. This cooperation resulted in publication of two atlases in 2005. Atlas of the Republic of Bashkortostan was created on the order of the State Committee of the Republic of Bashkortostan on the land resources and land management and it is a cartographic reference edition designated for a wide circle of readers. Complex atlas of the Republic of Tatarstan was prepared by the Integrated Cartographic Enterprise Cartography to the significant event in the history of the Republic of Tatarstan, namely Kazan millennium.

Integrated Cartographic Enterprise Cartography has been fruitfully cooperating for many years with the Publishing House ONIX. As a results of this cooperation Atlases for schoolchildren on history and geography, a number of Political Atlases of the World were released of various formats and volumes. Quite recently another joint project has been completed, i.e. Atlas of the former USSR states.