Artemyev Yu.

First Russian Private Cartographic Editing House Karta, St.-Petersburg, Russia


A private cartography of new Russia is 19 years old. It was born in a years of perestroyka. During a period of its existence some main spheres of its interest were defined: tourism cartography, road mapping, GIS-developments and some others. The last years of private cartography were the years of self improving, and leads to the highest achievements in national cartography. Private cartography is distinguished by some features: modern technologies, dynamics in administration, well thought out mastering of the markets, high salary and not large staff of companies. The indexes of economic development of the leading national private companies make an impression. The products of private Russian cartographic publishers are well known abroad: the largest Russian companies are annual participants of Frankfurt Buchmesse and IMTA (International Map Trade Association).Today the cartographic portrait of new Russia is formed by private cartography; the specialists of private cartography make a contribution in development on national science, participate in a work and sponsoring of different international science conferences on cartography problems.