Gao Shan


Gao shan(1), Hou yajuan(2)

(1)Wuhan urban planning and land administration information center, Wuhan, 430014

(2)Resource and environment of science and, Wuhan University, Wuhan, 430079



Abstract: Benchmark land-price is the average price for land-use privilege in a special period of time, it is estimated at a certain time, and categorized according to the land use form.  Accompany with the increasing pace of urban modernization, benchmark land-price has become one of the fundamental data for urban planning and land administration, it is the guideline and reference for government to bidding, auction and taxation, so as to control urban land price and make economic develop normally and healthily.

Since the different district’s development condition, the land-price sample data often appears discrete and scatter, which increase the difficulty to analyze and make decision. Process, analyze and discover the knowledge veiled in the raw data, and exhibit in the form of 3D visualization can dramatically improve the work effectively and efficiently.

This article disserts the generation of land-price grid, tracing of contour, and 3D visualization of land-price information. Based on the sample data, we first discuss the characteristic of sample data and most interpolation methods, then choose the natural neighbor as the basic interpolation method, and do some modify it to make it more suitable to generate land-price regular grid; secondly, contour can be traced automatically base on the regular grid, at the mean time, topology relationship is built to support further exploration, and how to avoid misunderstanding is also discussed; finally, combined with urban DEM, DOM and DLG, the land-price can be visualized in 3D circumstance, thus give the user a more realistic and natural way to perceive the knowledge veiled in the data. Through the experiment, the methods proved to be good stability and efficiency.



Keywords: Benchmark Land-price, Interpolation, Contour tracing, 3D Visualization