M.A.Bazina, S.V.Erukov, A.L.Mjasnikov

Verkhnevolgskoe Aerogeodetic Enterprise


Now rapid development of computer technologies and software allows to speak about the new approach to their usage in cartography. Development of the information visualization technologies on the basis of hadware and three-dimensional graphics software. Three-dimensional visualization of the information in cartography opens additional capabilities for a lot of fields of activity.

It is known, that any map and any image of geographical object is a model. The model appears as the constructed image of real objects and situations which allows to estimate their behavior and to find solution of the problems.

Selecting a view and the shape of symbols mapping and the models of terrain presented on an electronic map, the functional depending on assignment of a map simulates forms that the image which is for the complete reaching the purposes pursued by these change, namely for emphasis of attention or eduction of the important properties of the visual information.

Model operation of visual symbol mapping on electronic maps consists in change of their properties without change of their logically-semantic loading. Visual properties of cartographic symbols are analysed by authors. At the analysis of visual properties, proceeding from principles of the cartographic symbols building where the unequivocal conformity of a graphics image to the semantic content of mapped object is anchored, at observance of semantic code principles, it is possible to draw a deduction, that change of the basic visual properties of symbols which determine their correct both unequivocal perception and a mental decode is intolerable.

In the report basic performances of various simulation methods of the maps content and models of terrain are given, guidelines at their select and usage are given, results of model operation are presented.

As a result of the total analysis and development of the relief models visualization methods a software Relief Visualization have been made by experts of the Verkhnevolgskoe Aerogeodetic Enterprise. The realized model of relief visualization with usage a texture in the form is evident enough, symbols are precisely readable. In the report the basic characteristics of the software and the gained results of relief visualization are given.