R.I. Sossa

State Service of Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre of Ukraine


The address of the Ukrainian researchers to the problems of history of Ukraine territory mapping and history of the Ukrainian cartography became the characteristic feature of modern development of multifold researches within cartography. A necessity in working of bibliography of corresponding literature as necessary constituent of cartographic infrastructure dataware became obvious.

Literature of Ukraine territory mapping from the oldest times to the beginning of the Great patriotic war of the USSR in 1941 (over 4 300 names) was included to the index developed by us.

The list of literature in bibliography is structured in order of sections which correspond to the basic stages of Ukraine territory mapping development. At the creation of the offered list of literature were used:

Ц        bibliographical sources of cartographical, historical, regional literature;

Ц        encyclopaedic and I&R editions;

Ц        scientific, popular scientific, scientific and technical periodical;

Ц        collections of scientific labors, materials of conferences, symposiums, seminars;

Ц        scientific and popular scientific editions of cartography, history, archaeography, town-planning, study of local lore and so forth;

Ц        catalogues of library, museum, archives, exhibitions maps.

The lists of literature, given in books and articles of aforementioned editions, are also worked up.The following literature is included to the index:

Ц        from history of Ukraine cartography;

Ц        about maps, plans and atlases on which Ukrainian lands are shown;

Ц        about the creators of these cartographic works;

Ц        about methods and features of creation and use of cartographic works of†† the past;

Ц        publications, which contain in a text or in additions the appropriate cartographic works, fragments of maps or reproductions of that time handwritten or printing maps;

Ц        special and educational literature from the cartography of a different time;

Ц        about the state and features of storage of cartographic inheritance in libraries, museums, archives and the like.

The index contains literature about the cartographic images of Ukraine territory from the oldest times, including the reflection of Ukrainian lands on the ancient and medieval maps of the world and Europe. Therefore basic literature about development of world and European cartography, about the most prominent cartographic works of the past, about life and activity of cartographers, geographers, scientists, engravers, publishers, printers which related to drawing a map of Ukraine, is presented in index.

An index include publications about the figures of the Ukrainian origin, who worked in the field of topography and cartography or had tangent attitude toward this field outside Ukraine (e.g. M. Voronchenko, J.F. Lisyansky, I.P. Strelbytsky, O.A.Tilloand others), and also publication about activity of the non-Ukrainian specialists and scientists who worked on territory of modern Ukraine and were engaged in mapping of other territories (e.g. E.Romer).