E.A.Brovko, S.A.Efimov

FGUP " State enter the Nature "


The problem of space topographical monitoring system creation (STM) concerns to one of the most urgent problems of the modern cartographical science directed on development of a cartographic method on research of geospatial objects condition and dynamics on the basis of the Earth remote sensing data.

The present report is devoted to elaboration of theoretical, scientifically-methodical and technological base of the cartographical method within the limits of STM system formation, as a whole, and also making its components: information, program, and technological maintenance

The major factors causing an urgency of the STM system creation problem are:

         need of federal and regional legislative bodies and executive authority for objective, operative, exact spatial data about changes objects of terrain, both natural and technogenic processes and the phenomena, including those of extreme character;

         absence of effective system for the regulated cartographic tracking of district objects spatio-temporal changes on the basis of remote sensing methods, allowing to carry out information-cartographical secure of the problems solving in territories management;

         necessity of Roskartographya coordination activity at the state level in sphere of information-cartographic document creation on the basis of the spatial information using digital methods for the purposes of spatial data infrastructure formation and for provision of the Russian Federation branches with information;

         necessity of STM methodology unification and development of scientifically-methodical, normative - technical and legal base of given STM use by bodies of state power, the organizations of the branch ministries, and also at the international level.

Scientifically-methodical and technological base of STM system creation are considered:

         STM concept defining the basic purposes, problems and principles of STM System creation and developing the cartographical method of knowledge, studying and mapping of time changes for the geospatial objects identified on materials of the Earth remote sensing. The concept defines STM System as set of the information-program complexes organized on the basis of Roskartographya enterprises uniting the decision of monitoring conducting problems of territories and updating of cartographical production on the basis of the space information use;

         functional structure of the STM system and bank of the digital cartographical data changes of terrain objects;

         technique of zoning the territory of the Russian Federation on terms and periodicity of conducting STM, on the basis of the chosen criteria and development on the scheme of multidimensional classification of the Russian Federation territory has allowed to create the scheme of Russia zoning on terms and periodicity of STM.

         The STM organizational structure defining practical mechanisms of STM system operation in Roskartographya structure and at an interdepartmental level. The perspective shape of the space topographic monitoring system is presented;

         the basic directions of effective use of STM data in a cartographic science and providing perfection methods of topographical maps operative updating in scales of 1: 100 000 and interbranch thematic maps compiling.

         ways of realization and development of space topographical monitoring system according to a world scientific and technical level.