Fenli JIA, Guomin Song, Xiong YOU

4 Department,Institute of Surveying and Mapping, Information Engineering University,Zhengzhou, china


Abstract: The communication model of cartographic information whose channel is paper map or electronic map lays a strong emphasis on the study of the information communication process which people are the main body. Digital map enlarges application domain of map, in especial, direct use of digital map makes the information communication not only exists among people, but also exists between people and information system, and among information systems. Therefore, this paper argues a communication model of cartographic information in digital condition which is based on the communication model of A.Kolacny, in order to depict the change of cartography by and large. Four channels to transfer information by real map and digital map in this model are listed and explained; especially the differ to the traditional communication model of cartographic information is analyzed. This paper brings forward two levels of information communication also: graph and digital level and semantic level. Finally, analyses the reason of information loss. The communication model argued by this paper contains some hot research directions at present in Cartography; they are placed at proper positions, such as Spatial Data Visualization, digitalization, Geo-spatial Data Sharing etc. So this model incarnates the more holistic architecture of Cartography than ever. Limited to length, the ways improving efficiency of information communication are not discussed.

Key Words: Digital Map; Geo-Spatial Information; Communication Model of Cartographic Information