G. Wan, J. Gao, W. Dong, Y. Liu

Zhengzhou Institute of Surveying and Mapping, P. R. China


Evaluation is an important content in the study of VGE (Virtual Geographic Environment) and through all the study process. This paper constructs an evaluation framework for VGE (as shown in Fig.1), and discusses reality, immersion and usability of it respectively.

1. Evaluation of Reality

It includes two main contents: one is the evaluation degree, viz. the extent of evaluation or the level and limitation of simulation. Another is the guidelines in detail of the evaluation of reality.

2. Evaluation of Immersion

Immersion is an important part in the experience of VR and differentiates VR from other media markedly. The models of evaluation involve control component, sensory component, distraction component and practical component.

3. Evaluation of Usability

The usability of VGE means the extent and effect of usage. It is the final goal of the study of VGE. The evaluation of usability should explain what kind of tasks is suitable or not suitable to be accomplished in VGE and provide corresponding reasons.

Each medium can meet some tasks and VGE is just one among many available media. It is sure that with the technical development VGE will be more perfect and be used in a larger extent.