A.P.Karpik, A.P.Materuk

The Siberian State Geodetic Academy


General globalization urges forward integration processes even in sphere of cartography and geoinformatics. Here, as well as everywhere, cooperation between separate, often, absolutely unlike Operators continues to amplify. There are problems of adjustment before not planned contacts.

There are not enough decisions on an exchange of images or especially spatial information in many cases for the organization of communications. The new, higher requirements directed on a straight line close conceptually substantial linkage of separate maps (models), and, accordingly, systems of modelling are shown. Such interaction should be substantially full, conceptually exact, and also operative and automatic. In an ideal, contact at this level should be provided with any Operator. Thus, the purpose is the sanguineous free (unobstructed) data exchange creating the widest network of modelling. The decision of a problem in specified maximalistic arrangement is impossible at present, but in the long term it looks just so.

One of key difficulties here consists that conceptually semantic spaces of modelling separate systems are far from always (and, more likely, as a rule) being coincided. Thus it is unimportant in how many conceptually semantic particles the divergence is found out. Incorrect perusal even one data is capable to lead to extensive and most unpleasant consequences.

The usual way of adjustment sanguineous conceptual docking consists in preliminary fine tuning a corresponding subsystem at the Addresses (or the Source). It is not always possible in full and always demands greater expenses. Thus it is necessary to search for answers to questions of principle.

The main obstacle in this direction consists in absence of a sufficient scientific basis, leaning on which it would be possible to achieve successfully and quickly exact and full docking of the semantic platforms which are taking place at separate (differing) Operators. Without completion of this blank it is impossible to wait for occurrence of effective tools. The concept showing all way from theoretical substantiations to technological decisions is necessary for the decision of all costing problems set.

Element of such concept can become the thesis about compatibility of any (somehow differing) semantic systems on horizon of the atomic senses setting the elementary objective properties (attributes), identical at all: From Zulu up to Norwegians and from oilmen up to ecologists.

Other component of the concept is the plan cross (multisubject, multiscale and multilingual) Dictionary of the elementary objective senses, as uniform platform accessible to all diverse Operators.

One more unit of the concept is the idea of own meta language development with semantics orientated on an essence of cartographical modelling.

Undertaken efforts on development of the prospective concept specified sections with various Participants association in an uniform substantial semantic space of modelling show huge capacity and extreme many sided nature of all these questions. These works have the open character. Authors are capable to bring up creation of new generation of intellectual means of cartographical and geoinformation modelling.