S.P.Nefedov, T.A.Khlebnikova

Firm "Sibgeoinform"


In 2006 firm "Sibgeoinform" under the order of Federal Geodesy and Cartography Agency has developed processing technique for building and updating unified geoinformational space on terrain of Russian Federation subjects on the basis of space survey substances.

The unified geoinformational space in represented processing technique is perceived as set of space objects in their complete geometrical, semantic and graphicssort, divided on subject layers according to the adopted classification of objects.

The Processing technique provides:

1) Building of unified geoinformation space on the basis of the digital topographic map in scale of 1:100 000.

2) Up-dating of unified geoinformation space on substances of space survey.

The unified geoinformation space is created in unified geodetic coordinate system and actuates a panel of topography complete object layers (without cutting under frames of nomenclature pages).

Space data massifs on terrain are bound among themselves by the unified mathematical basis, allowing to execute transformation of the digital subject information acting in a geointelligence system in various coordinate systems to unified state coordinate system.

Program-technological means of processing technique provide:

- uptaking and transformation to unified coordinate system of the compiled or renovated digital topographic map information for building unified geoinformation space;

- a transformation of object coordinates presented in various coordinate systems (1942, 1963) and bands in system SK - 95;

- check of the digital topographical information used for building of unified geoinformation space, on a topological correctness on layers{stratums} and between layers and, in case of its breaking, building of topologically correct digital district model;

- the automatic report of topographic objects in unified coordinate system on the set terrain under frames of nomenclature pages with obtaining complete objects on the basis of their components;

- updating unified geoinformational space by means of digital photogrammetric instruments on substances of space survey;

- material handling of space survey with the purpose of obtaining ortophotomaps;

- uptaking in GIS ortophotomaps in raster sort for updating spacedata or for building the raster map on terrain.

The software providing fulfilment for all processes of processing technique are developed on the basis of GIS-program MAGIS (design of firm " Sibgeoinform ").

Within the limits of processing technique:

1) the unified geoinformation space on a part of Novosibirsk range terrain on the digital topographic map in scale of 1:100 000 (140 pages). It was prepared by firm "Sibgeoinform" under the order of Federal Geodesy and Cartography Agency.

2) the Unified geoinformational space is renovated on substances of space survey (the space images are received by the Monitor-Ý 53 by means of pankhromatic film-making hardware, with the resolution of 8.072 m, 5/5/2006).

The created unified geoinformational space allows solving various applied problems operating with complete objects on terrain, including, grounded on space data usage for space analysis, on any segment of terrain and any panel of thematic layers.