C.R.F. Vianna, P.M.L. Menezes

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Department of Geography, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


In the Information Era and Audio Visual Society, the information design, despite being associated with the structure of information, focusing the storage in a database, it needs to observe that the information visualization emphasizes not only its storage and representation but its presentation to the user as well.

Infographic, as a visual resource for communication, is a tool to be explored for presenting of the geographical information. Its use in magazines and periodicals around the world shows the important details of the news assists its comprehension through a faster notion due to the attractiveness offered by the mixture of text and illustrations (maps, photos, image, graphic, etc.). Is it possible to say that a map or a page of an atlas is an infographic?

Although the illustrative character of infographics, in a great number of news this graphic representation takes over a character much more informative than illustrative, enabling a larger interest regarding the news text through the maps. The issue of this project is to observe the spacialization of the news. It is possible to note that maps accompany the news in several sections: political, weather forecast, environment and, even, sports.

Regarding the weather forecast, for example, the maps and satellite images utilization have been explored for a long time. More recently, it has been presenting details with any increase of color and legend showing simbology that represents information in addition to what is represented in the map. Moreover, in one of the newspapers of national circulation, it is possible to tell that the weather forecast section acts like a source of information produced by official agencies.

From the observation above, some questions are aroused:

Why spacializing the news?

Which is the importance of the geographical location for the journalism?

Does infographic contribute for the increasing of geographical knowledge?

How is geographic information developed by the art editor in newspapers and magazines?

Is there any difference between information design methodology for infographic and for map elaboration?

There is any specific program being used for the development of an infographic?

Where to apply the concept of infographic?

The goal of this research project is to identify the differential methodology points for infographic elaboration and if these differentials points could be used to produce maps for teaching geography and cartography.