AHA Agus H. Atmadilaga




Indonesian Geography Expedition 2006

Tangkubanparahu Mt. Pangandaran Route, West Java, Indonesia


Sukendra Martha and Agus H. Atmadilaga

National Coordinating Agency for Surveys and Mapping (BAKOSURTANAL)

And, Indonesian Cartographic Association (AKI)


Indonesia has a wonderful nature, rich natural resource and culture. Indonesia is well known all over countries even in international worlds society, therefore an expedition for them is an important thing.

Indonesian Geography Expedition ( Ekpedisi Geografi Indonesia --EGI ) is a journey to observe geographic phenomena placed on a landscape, started from high mountain thru a low-land beach. EGI 2006 is an effort to do an inventory on natural resource, social, culture and economy. Its also a way to encourage youngster loving their country. West Java Province was picked because of their famous fertile lands, has beautiful sceneries, and theres a tea farm that internationally well known.

Expedition Team formed and has involved an expert in multi-discipline major. The method for this expedition is by dividing team into groups of abiotic, biotic, and culture. They observed, took pictures, and analyzed all the phenomena in nature as they went thru a route that had been designed. In observation of a sample, video and photo had been taken and also the coordinate by GPS. The evaluation of this expedition is an analysis of technical reports or description books in the field. The outcome are displayed in a book, compact disc, and a map. The book and map that has been socialize at many institutions, academics, and most people, they get positive responds for a practical science and tourism.


National Coordinating Agency for Surveys and Mapping (BAKOSURTANAL)

Jl. Raya Jakarta Bogor km 46 Cibinong. West Java. Indonesia.

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