Federal State Unitary Enterprise Northern-Caucasian land-surveying agency

(Sev.-Kav. AGP)


In the Sev.-Kav. AGP zone of activity there are known resorts of the Black Sea coast of Caucasus and the Caucasian Mineral Springs, and as well popular among tourists, climbers and mountain skiers mountain regions of the Big Caucasus.

In the Sev.-Kav. AGP maps and atlases with tourist information on resort cities of region are traditionally updated and published. For needs of tourism the series folding geographical maps in scale of 1:100000 on northern slopes of the Main Caucasian ridge are created. On the base of tourist organizations information the basic routes of tourism, sight seeing are shown on maps, characteristics of passes and other information are given in maps specifications. Maps of the series enjoy the big popularity at experts as they are compiled on the basis of topographic maps. They allow with sufficient accuracy to define distance, excess, a steepness of slopes, passableness of terrain and so forth

However for the majority of people many conventional signs and especially the relief of topographical maps remain difficult to understand. In this connection also that cartographical production finds the increasing application for the increasing circle of consumers, there is a necessity to create a map more evident and easily perceived. To the best readership of the relief on maps are in addition applied hypsometric painting or the shaded relief which also does not give full volumetric perception of the relief.

Therefore in the enterprise it has been decided trying to use 3D models of terrain for their application in polygraphic editions with use of applied computer programs. The map of the Northern Caucasus and the wall map of the Greater Sochi city are being prepared for the edition with use of these technologies in Sev.-Kav. AGP.