I.L. Drohushevska

SSPE "Kartographia"


Nowadays a new system of education emerges in Ukraine. With the aim of educational process improving of schools of general education are to tackle the problem of working out an entirely new model of teaching, which will respond to the demands of modern informational society. Wide implementation of computer technologies implies revising of traditional methods of material presentation, working out of new computer-assisted teaching aids. As the State national program Education states, one of the most important trends of education development is the implementation of modern pedagogical technologies and scientific methodological achievements into the teaching process.

Today the first steps in working out of computer-assisted aids have been made in the field of natural sciences study, particularly, study of Geography. We have worked out the electronic teaching aid on Geography of Continents and Oceans for the 7th form. The author of this aids project is O. Ya. Skuratovych, former lecturer of geography of the Drahomanov Kyiv Pedagogical University. Atlas on Geography for the 7thForm, edited in 2005 was also used. This aid includes such structural parts represented in the main menu: textbook, vocabulary, tests and biographies of researches.

1.      Textbook. It consists of 18 topics, planned and approved by the program of the Ministry of Science and Education of Ukraine as parts of school Geography course. The textual part is supplied with an audio accompaniment, which induces effective assessment of material. Cartographic materials, schemes, diagrams, tables, soils profiles are added to the textbook. They can be also used for carrying out practical activities.

2.      Vocabulary. The vocabulary contains terms and their definitions, necessary for students work with geographical material, and it serves for the fixation and control of the assessed knowledge, as well as for the repetition of the main concepts.

3.      Tests. The system of test assignments is suggested for the control of material assessment of each topic. The tests imply knowledge of all the topics, the analysis of the adopted information and free operation of the main concepts of the course. This encourages students to carry out self-control of their knowledge, and the teacher to test the level of assessment of this knowledge.

4.      Researches. This chapter deals with well-known geographers and travelers. Here one can find interesting facts, the portraits of famous people and the descriptions of the most significant geographic discoveries.