E.A.Brovko1, S.A.Efimov1, I.A.Mirtova2, A.I.Lazutkin3

1 - FGUP State Center the Nature "

2 - Moscow state university of a geodesy and cartography

3 - All-Russia youth space society "UNION"


One of directions to raise the Russian educational process efficiency at various levels is introduction in education practice on geography, ecology and nature management the cartographical and innovative space methods of research for studying natural resources and ecological condition in various regions of Russia.

To be more and more obvious is a necessity of use methods of space and cartographic knowledge for formation at pupils the outlook about environment at reception of geographical, ecological and naturalists' knowledge, about spatial distribution on terrestrial surface of natural and anthropogenous objects and phenomena.

Without knowledge of interconnection bases, interacting of the nature and a society, regularity of cartographical representation of natural and ecological features on the basis of remote sensing use the pupils will not be able fully to study sciences about the Earth, a condition of residing territory, to define necessary probable ways of an exit from possible adverse ecological situations.

Value of space natural study and use of methods and means of space surveying at studying geography of regions gains in strength due to regional components in their contents. On space pictures it is possible to reveal specificity of areas and regions, versatile studying of pupils residing territory geography. In addition so-called regionalization of space education means free orientation of pupils on territories of their residing, knowledge of natural, ecological conditions, cultural sights of the area.

Working out of teaching and methodical materials Space Natural Study and Geography is one of the first Russian development in the field of introduction new aspects of cartographical aids on the basis of aero - and space pictures, the maps and charts generated in the Roskartographya funds, unique data of the Earth remote sensing, gained by cosmonauts and astronauts during outer-space flights, and also results of long-term researches of specialists from FGUP "State center the Nature on application of the space information for the purposes of nature management and studying of the Earth natural resources.

One of the teaching aspects and methodical materials is the Working writing-book created as the additional teaching and methodical aid to textbooks on subjects "Natural study" and "Geography" for general education school pupils of 6-9 grades and intended for more profound studying by pupils the physical and geographical and natural processes and the phenomena, occurring on the Earth, ecology of various regions, and also for development of knowledge in the field of the environment researches on materials of the Earth remote sensing.

As the basis of the teaching and methodical materials content, created in traditional, analogue form (on paper carrier) and the digital form (on compact discs), it will be laid the maps and charts, space images, aero photos, results of their thematic processing and decoding, and also methodical tooling on their form improving in the informational and technological plane the process of school education, and allowing pupils independently in an interactive regime on a personal computer to carry out various tasks of the exploratory character with use of the aero-space information.

Perfection of the Russian educational process system for general and additional education demands development of, in principle new solutions, upgrading education quality, on the basis of introduction the results of scientific and practical researches in the field of aero- and space means and methods use for complex studying and mapping of natural resources and ecological circumstances of regions in the Russian Federation.

Development of fundamentally new solutions and provisions upgrading education quality, on the basis of wide use of remote sensing data is a problem of the extremely necessity and actuality.