J.J. Reyes Nunez

Eotvos Lorand University, Department of Cartography and Geoinformatics, Budapest, Hungary



During the last three years was developed a web collection to present Map History, GIS and multimedia concepts related to Cartography for Elementary and High School pupils in Hungary. These three themes were presented in three different websites. Each annual research was divided in two main parts: first a theoretical study, second the design and making of the site. The theoretical research emphasized the study of curricula, school text books and printed school atlases (My First Atlas, Physical Atlas, Historical Atlas, etc) to define the specific themes to present in each homepage. The research also included the study of international experiences designing this type of websites for pupils, studying the content presented in these websites and the programming techniques used to present them. Later was determined the structure of the content and the chosen themes were divided in chapters, followed by the selection of illustrations and examples to include. Simultaneously was planned the common design and structure of the homepages. These websites are being presented for the Hungarian teachers and pupils in different events organized during the last three years, inviting them to use the results of this research in their lessons.