W. Zhang, Q. Du, H. Zhao

Wuhan University,School of Resources & Environment Science, Wuhan, China


Based on the blind position service system which works depending on manpower, the author tries to build a database comprising map information the blind men need, and using DBMS, SQL, GPS and GMT to classify, storage and search map information, and most importantly to regroup the map information by analysis, and finally to achieve the free intercommunion between the service system and the blind. The contents of this paper are as follows:

1.      Choose an object city and collect the geography, social and economy information, and classify the information according to the designation of the system. For example, according to the traits of interface of system, we can group all the information of hospitals or schools together by the functions of buildings.

2.      Regroup the map information after analysis. For instance, we can get two groups of information through the analysis of the information about one random point: the first one is the information in a circle with appropriate semi diameter which center is this random point. The second one is information of linear land objects passing or nearing this point, such as the information about roads and buses.

3.      Making use of GPS and global movement technology, a friendly interface with sound between the system and blind will be built to achieve the free intercommunion between them. And the idiographic way is that: the blind can call the information center and get the information they want by choose the different information hierarchy.

4.      Talk about the problems of maintenance and update of map information service system, including the collection, input of real time information and so on.