E. Cherepanova1, K. Shingareva2, I. Karachevtseva3, S. Leonenko2, E. Lazarev2



3 - The Institute of Informatics Problems of Russian Academy of Sciences (IPI RAN)



Planetary Cartography Laboratory at the Moscow State University for Geodesy and Cartography (MIIGAiK) is busy with the development of information system (IS) Solar System Planets last five years. The prospective volume and structure of the data in developing IS is rather significant, as it will contain thematic maps, models of some extraterrestrial relief, images, illustrations, inquire data. In contrast to existing IS in this field, (for example, Planetary Data System prepared by NASA), the IS Solar System Planets applied a cartocentric method of access and a data structure that allows to fill information gaps in a cartographical study of Solar system planets , their moons and other bodies according to modern space missions. As a base source in initial researches the Atlas of terrestrial planets and their moons is used. Spatial databases on separate Solar System bodies are created on its basis . Within the framework of the research project the following problems are already solved: IS Concept Planets of Solar system is developed; input and updating of the spatial data with use of GIS Technologies(a choice of base coordinate system, geometrical transformations, check of the data on completeness and quality) are lead; systematization of information on a cartographical study of planets of terrestrial group is carried out; the bilingual Database under the planetary nomenclature, including as the Internet-resource is developed. Preparing of spatial databases on Solar system separate objects of extraterrestrial territories (GIS "Moon", GIS Venus, etc.) is at the moment conducted: ordering of the data, system engineering of inquiries, systems of navigation inside separate projects. With this purpose the researches on building of geodatabase model for the Earths moon as the initial object are carried out: such a choice is connected with the period of a long pause termination in the lunar researches, the program of which has arisen after the finishing of "Apollo" program and returning to the permanent lunar base project. All the components (spatial databases on separate Solar system objects, a bilingual database on the planetary nomenclature, a database on a cartographical level of planets study, an electronic of the Atlas of terrestrial planets and their moons) will make a basis for the Extraterrestrial GIS development.