S.S. Dubov, I.Y. Rozhnev, S.M. Leonenko

Planetary Cartography Laboratory, MIIGAiK, Moscow, Russia


Scientists from the Planetary Cartography Laboratory (Moscow State University for Geodesy and Cartography (MIIGAiK)) carried out a research on realization of Planetary Information System which help users to fill up an information gaps in the knowledge of Solar System objects. Internet assess to the System will be organized by means of University Internet Server.

The bilingual multimedia electronic version of Atlas of terrestrial planets and their moons is one of the part of the System. The main goal of the multimedia version is to provide a fast access to the cartographical data by means of Internet. Atlas maps together with the international series of the multilingual planets and their moons maps are used as basic maps for database development. In 1992 Atlas of terrestrial planets and their moons reflected the state of Solar system bodies cartographic studies for the period till 1990. For the first time atlas maps were submitted in comparative planetology aspect. For the last 15 years a lot of space vehicles have been launched and as result new and more presise information about Solar system bodies, including Terrestrial planets and their moons have been collected. Therefore in parallel the multimedia Atlas version development and atlas maps updating were carried out. The electronic multimedia CD-version is prepared in Russian and English languages and will include 12 sections of the Atlas with updated cartographical materials and change of sections configuration. Electronic version of the Atlas will include a number of new thematic maps; topographical maps of planets and their moons will be supplemented with new information . First of all it needs to mention a geological and morphological map of Venus created on all planet surface, then follow new hypsometric maps of the Moon, Venus and Mars, and finally, the schemas of photographic and cartographic celestial bodies studies are completed with new information. Electronic version as a search information system represents a set of the various items of information about celestial bodies maps, their characteristics, textual descriptions, photo, illustration and others. Information system has following structural blocks: 1. Cartographical information. 2. Not cartographical information data. 3. Control facility. 4. Means of system navigation.