Petrov B.G., Mavlyautdinova G.S., Shakirova U.A., Gorshkova A.T.


The Republic of Tatarstan is one of the most developed in the industrial attitude of Volga region with dynamically developing oil and gas extraction and a process industry, avia- and motor industry, large-scale agroindustrial sector.

Possessing significant resource potential, the republic is characterized by the expressed spatial differentiation of some natural, social and economic indices, defining economic shape of separate municipal formations.

In modern conditions for development of local authorities activity it is important to have an opportunity of an objective estimation and the forecast of an existing social and economic condition, ways and priorities of development of this or that municipal formation within the limits of administrative territory.

It probably to solve on the basis of the developed atlas of the Republic of Tatarstan’s municipal formations, planned as scientifically-reference media, giving the complex characteristic of the Republic.

Its creation should promote the decision of a lot of administrative problems, such as a choice of areas of priority development, complex development and investment of financial assets; a substantiation of economic, ecological, welfare programs; an estimation of conditions and consequences of economic influence on the nature and resource potential.

During creation of the atlas the basic attention will be focused on a degree of generalization of displayed objects. It is planned to use as much as possible detailed network of settlements which would allow to make the administrative decisions in the scale even the most insignificant on the area and the number of inhabitants of the settlements.

Proceeding from a special-purpose designation of the atlas 4 sections are stipulated in its structure: introduction, municipal formations of the Republic Tatarstan, cities of Republic of Tatarstan, the index of the settlements names.

The structure of the introduction section will be include the general data of the Republic (a geographical position, the administrative device, authorities, management), map of the Republic, the separate thematic maps illustrating natural, climatic resources, an ecological situation, social and economic conditions of the region.

“Administrative area” section will contain topographic maps of each area in scales of 1 : 200 000, and 1 : 250 000 with display of a landscapes, a detailed relief, deposits of minerals, borders of the agricultural enterprises with the instruction of their specificity, territorially-branch structure of facilities, settlements (with allocation of the centers of the areas and rural advice), settlement gasification network.

The characteristic of each area will be presented in maps of scale (1 : 500 000, 1 : 700 000) with such elements of the maintenance as extracting and a manufacturing industry, agriculture, social sphere, environment, recreational resources, tourism.

In the section “Cities of the Republic of Tatarstan” will contain maps and plans of cities with display of streets, administrative, social and economic objects.

The cartographical database should contain the coordinate-adhered information on the following elements of the maintenance of district:

-  Relief

-  Hydrography

-  Settlements

-  Elevation

-  Vegetation

-  Administrative borders

-  Industrial targets

-  Objects of welfare sphere

Thus, the stated approach to structure of the atlas and its maintenance will allow to give the detailed characteristic of each municipal formation, promoting the wide practical importance of the received results, their use in the administrative, economic, educational and other fields of activity.