A.B.Alekseev, I.P.Karachevtseva, S.K.Korobtsov, A.I.Martynenko

The Institute of Informatics Problems of Russian Academy of Sciences (IPI RAN)


The base concept of system of the electronic synthesized maps as new sort of space simulation is discussed. Synthesis of electronic cartographical and space maps is the constituent of a fundamental problem of many-dimensional spatio-temporal simulation of terrains and the phenomena going on them. Integration of diverse space data with creation the synthesized geomaps is the special sort of geoinformational simulation. The important role at creation the electronic synthesized maps the air laser scanning is playing as the most effective method of the collection the initial information. It possesses a number of essential advantages over known technologies and approaches of creation and up-dating of large-scale electronic maps and spatial (three-dimensional) models of area, digital models of the relief. Methods of air laser scanning provide operative (in real-time mode) obtaining of exact digital information about area (10-25 centimeters) for creation and up-dating of large-scale topographical maps and plans.

The electronic synthesized maps are expedient for using at learning and analysis of terrain, scientific researches, engineering and engineering surveying activities. Advantages of the electronic synthesized maps determine range of their application as the spatio-temporal basis of thematic GIS (power resources and power supply, ground, water and wood resources, planning of terrains and town-planning, extreme situations).

Acknowledgements. This work was supported by Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR), project 05-05-65117.