A.G. Ivanov, S.A. Krylov

The Moscow State University of the Geodesy and Cartography, Faculty of Cartography, Moscow, Russia


The solution of a small-scale mapping automation problem on the basis of creation, transformation and usage of unified multifunctional system of a cartographical database is offered.

At the phase of a cartographical database creation: the initial cartographical and reference-statistical materials are analyzed and determined; the initial contents of the cartographical database in a volume of the cartographical basis of a geographical map in the scale of 1:2 500 000 is proved; the structure of the digital cartographical information and its creation by a territorial principle is determined; analytical-synthetic processing of the cartographical information, including classification and coding is realized; presentation formats and processing of the digital cartographical information are developed; the selection of the cartographical database program-technical implementation is proved; the procedure of the cartographical database creation with simultaneous building the digital cartographical bases in the scale of 1:2 500 000 for administrative areas of the Russian Federation is developed.

Already at the phase of the cartographical database creation is considered not as "storehouse" of the digital cartographical information files, and as the complex program-technical system- realizing automation of the technological and informational processes.

At a phase of the cartographic database contents transformation by means of the automated cartographical generalization: usage of the empirical-mathematical way for the solution of cartographical problems is proved. It is based on analysis of traditional maps and detection of legitimacies and contents characteristics, development of the approximating transformation mathematical method, on development of algorithms and programs for the problem solution. On the basis of this way the procedure of the cartographical objects automated selection with usage of data on their density and-or graphics load is developed. The factors influencing selection of objects are revealed and realized. The mathematical method and the program of generalization quantitative aspect implementation are developed as result. The qualitative part of selection bound to the solution of mathematical problems is executed by means of dialogue "cartographer-computer". Besides the solution of the cartographical database transformation problem the current development provides co-ordination and eligibility of the contents at transition from scale to scale with use of standardization and unification of the initial and derivative digital cartographic bases.

At the operational phase of the cartographical database for automation of thematic mapping technological processes and development of GIS-projects the base and derivative cartographical bases are developed. Besides it, algorithms of the other problems solution of extremely necessary for mapping of the thematic information worked out:

Definition of mapping scale depending on density and-or graphics load of the contents;

A selection of a cartographical projection by means of the interactive "hint" realizing logical links between the object of mapping, a projection and distortions;

Construction of the mockup of layout on the basis of the cartographical database and the mathematical method for selection of cartographical objects;

A selection of the thematic information way graphics mapping method by means of the interactive "hint" realizing links between a state and accommodation of the phenomenon and graphics means. Implementation of a method includes calculation of form parameters, designing and its accommodation on a map.

Development of the cartographical automated system from technological and informational ones and their joint integration in bank of cartographical data on the basis of a unified multifunctional cartographical database are considered stage-by-stage.