Siberian State Geodetic Academy



In a century of information technologies the population need of the various information, including cartographic increases. In this connection there is a problem of support by profitable maps and charts of territorially large, but sparsely populated management areas of the Russian Federation. To create cartographical products on several pages: atlases, geographical cards or a number of separate subject cards, it is economically unprofitable. As a result some management areas of the Russian Federation remain without cards.

For the solution of this problem building of accessible at the price cartographical products on the Russian Federation administrative areas is offered. Owing to diversity of the contents with ability of receiving the scalene information on area, new economically profitable cartographic product - the buklet atlas is created.

The buklet atlas allows to open the common legitimacies and territorial features of mapped area, and also gives help information about a state of geographical and economic objects. Combining of many thematic components of the subject contents determines a capability of the versatile characteristic of the whole system.

The subject contents the buklet atlas is developed on the basis of data of interrogation: the geographical contents, natural resources (medicinal plants, fauna, minerals), objects of public service, the tourist study of local lore contents, the nature protection contents, the ecological contents, the industry and an agriculture.

The contents the buklet atlas for each administrative area is varied depending on area specialization, connatural and social conditions, and also on a population contingent of the living in this area. High selfdescriptiveness, a diversification of the contents and the reasonable price are reached by means of usage not only facing, but also back the parties of a page where locate: a base map the Nature and a social infrastructure scale 1 : 200 000, additional thematic maps of smaller scales, the accompanying text and so on.

Thus, in the buklet atlas - visibility and optimal detail the main advantages of a large-scale chart are combined with its thematic.

The name the buklet atlas is determined by a combination of two terms, namely the atlas and the booklet. The main word in the name, transmitting specificity of an informative part of cartographic product, is the noun "atlas". Updating, transmitting a tag of a subject, that is its form, an adjective burlet.

Thus, the buklet atlas, is determined as a cartographic product for a wide range of the consumers, executed on the unified program, representing system of the interconnected thematic maps and emitted on one page.

The methodological basis of buklet atlases simulation is a system approach. On its basis the principles system of the buklet atlas building, including the new principles determining specificity of the contents, design and the form buklet the atlas, distinguishing it from other cartographic products, and also earlier the known principles oriented to building buklet of the atlas is developed.

The digital version the buklet atlas can be also used by separate consumers in GIS environment.