H. Zhao, Z. He, W. Zhang, M. Bian

Wuhan University, School of Resources & Environment Science, Wuhan, China


In the case of insuring the map foundation information complete, we make the expressive form that makes map be advertisement carrier complete, attain the goal that map advertisement information is fit for map information ,realize the innovation of map advertisement .This paper analyzes the characteristic of map advertisement information and problems about living running mode, author considers that we can insure the integrality of the map foundation information in map expressing in virtue of law ,set up right filter system of map advertisement by clustering analytical method to make sure that maps about different administration rank or theme are adapt with corresponding product. On the ground of analyzing the characteristic of map advertisement information ,expressive forms and methods, as well as the influencing of function about map information transfers and vision taste, we ensure the different configuration and expressive forms of map advertisement information and map information, including special advertisement area form and crossed and binding expression of place name units name and product brand. The content of advertisement should be accordant with map information, and the graphics characters and color of advertisement should fit for the style of map to realize dependence and development between them.

Through the research, in guarantees in the map foundation information complete situation, the perfect map took the advertisement carrier the manifestation, achieved the map advertizing info and the map information adapt, and realizes the map advertisement innovation. This article has analyzed the map advertizing info characteristic and the extant operation pattern question, the author thought may draw support from the law to guarantee the foundation geography information highly from the policy in the cartographic representation integrity, the utilization cluster analytic method establishment perfect map advertisement screening system, guaranteed the different administrative rank or the special map with the product brand which corresponds adapts. In the thorough analysis map advertizing info characteristic, the manifestation and the method, as well as it to the map intelligence transmission function and in the visual feeling influence foundation, determines the map advertizing info and the map information different disposition and the manifestation through the experiment.