E. Swensson

Cadatral Department in Skne and Halland, Lantmteriet, Sweden



Lantmateriet (national Land Survey of Sweden) is a governmental agency which gives support for creating an efficient and sustainable use of Swedens´s real property. The Cadastral Information in Sweden consists mainly of two parts: The Real Property Register, which is a description of the cadastral data in text format and the Cadastral Index Map, which is the geographic representation of cadastral data. These two parts are closely connected.


The first edition of the Cadastral Information System was completed in 2005. During the last years and due to the possibilities created by the rapid development of IT-system the demands of the system has increased dramatically. The customers also want to have a complete information system but the Real Property Register and the Cadastral Index Map have a lack of information, for example are there very little information about easement (servitude) and joint property units before 1972.


Lantmäteriet is now working to improve the quality of the


This work is implemented in a specific project. More than 60 persons from different part in Sweden are involved in this project. A part of the project is to find new methods for quality improvement. The project, which started in 2006 will last for three year and will cost over

10 000 000 Euro. In the summer 2007 the project has gone halfway.