S.V.Serebrjakov1, A.A.Aljabev1, V.B.Gurvich2, O.L.Malyh2, D.J.Rusakov2, S.V.Kuzmin3

1 - FGUP "Uralgeoinform"

2 FS Territorial administration on supervision in sphere of protection of the consumer rights and well-being of the person

3 -Yekaterinburg medical science centre of preventive maintenance and health protection of factory workers 

The system of socially-hygienic monitoring (SHM) which allows establishing priorities in sphere of maintenance of sanitary and epidemiologic well-being and ecological safety of the population is realized in Sverdlovsk area.

By results of SHM realization on the system analysis basis and an establishment of influence of an inhabitancy factors on health of the population it is shown, that the essential role belongs to the complex chemical loading caused by atmospheric air, ground, food stuffs, waters pollution.

Productivity of socially hygienic monitoring system realization depends in many respects on efficiency of the information technologies applied to its conducting. Information technologies used in SHM system should provide operative supervision over a condition of sanitary and epidemiologic well-being of the population, its estimation and the forecast of changes, an establishment and elimination of inhabitancy factors influence on health of the population.

Considering interdepartmental interaction at conducting SHM at a regional and municipal level, great volumes of the information necessary for an establishment of sanitary and epidemiologic conditions priorities creation is necessary an uniform information space with application of geoinformation technologies.

Geoinformation systems (GIS) represent the hardware-software complex, allowing to carry out gathering initial data, to fill relational tables, to solve analytical and settlement problems and to display the received result on a cartographical basis in the form of the thematic information through SUBD.

The geoinformation system of socially hygienic monitoring (further GIS SHM), which is under development in Sverdlovsk area, allows to create databases and to conduct the spatial analysis for operative management and decrease ecological risks for population health at a regional and local level. GIS digital cartographical basis is presented by maps of municipal formations in scales of 1:10000 1:25000 in GIS InGEO format.

In GIS SHM system information databases on pollution inhabitancy?, monitoring of an a state of population health, social and economic conditions, a population in uniform formats of information fund are created and staticized. Ranging of cities microdistricts on pollution of atmospheric air on results of dispersion modelling, on risks for health of the population, the spatial analysis and a choice of man-caused contaminated zones, an estimation of number of the living population, preschool establishments and groups of risk among children, as the most subject to influence areconducted. Thematic layers of the medical ecological information are created, the analysis and ranging of area territories on sanitary and epidemic situation with formation of the atlas On sanitary and epidemiologic conditions in Sverdlovsk area for persons making the decision are conducted. 

There are allocated ecologically unsuccessful 13 territories in the area where live nearby 3 million persons and the system of population health rehabilitation is realized jts purpose is the improvement of a population health state by advancing hygienic diagnostics and an estimation of influence danger on health of adverse ecological factors. Development and introductions in practice of medical preventive maintenance measures, modern technologies of diagnostics and treatment in a complex with measures on prevention and reduction of environment pollution are relised.

At a stage of a hygienic estimation of factors of inhabitancy pollution influence on a state of population health. The works directed on maintenance of addressing and effectiveness of rehabilitation actions with application of geoinformation technologies are performed.

At the present stage creation of uniform information databases on health of the population state, pollution of an inhabitancy, a population, etc. parameters, the software which is based on geoinformation technologies is necessary. It will allow the most soundly and effective to carry out the analysis of environment a pollution and a state of the population health, to establish territories and groups of risk among the population and to develop effective actions on management of sanitary and epidemiologic conditions and to decrease ecological risk.