S.L. Munajati1, R. Windiastuti1, D.K. Kresnawati2, F.H. Santoso

1 - Geographic Researcher on the Centre for Services and Information, Bakosurtanal

2 - Head of Centre for Services and Information, Bakosurtanal


BAKOSURTANAL is a government agency with the main function to manage geospatial data of Indonesia in global scope. One of the products is topographic maps in various scales from atlas (small scale) to semi detail scale (1:25,000). For some prioritized areas such as Pantura, Bopunjur, East Java and NAD, the maps in scale 1:10,000 are also available. Maps in these areas were produced in order to support rehabilitation of the area caused by natural disasters. For more detailed scale, the maps will be managed by local governments in supporting of regional autonomy.

By definition, a topographic map is a graphic representation of the earth surface showing natural features and human-made features illustrated in specific scale and coordinate system. The population, especially in Indonesia, is very unfamiliar with topographic map because the map is not considered a vital need. Therefore, it is necessary to socialize the topographic map to the community, from elementary school students to university lecturers.

Based on the survey done by Kompas R&D, in level of elementary school only 11% respondents claimed that they read map to find an address. However, the higher the educations seem to have positive correlation with the willingness to read a map. In junior and senior high school, this number increased to 16%, and in university, it became 30% (Kompas Online, 29 August 2006).

BAKOSURTANAL, in response to this matter, has been trying to raise peoples awareness of the importance of maps by distributing various information, particularly in the field of geography. This paper will discuss the various programs of BAKOSURTANAL in disseminating (socializing) topographic maps to the community in spacious regional of Indonesia.