E.L.Kasyanova, J.G.Poshivajlo, D.V.Dmitriev

Siberian State Geodetic Academy


The modern condition of the cartographic production market in Russia are characterized by constant increase in a share of electronic maps (especially navigating) and geoinformation products. However paper maps and atlases till now prevail. It is connected with their low cost at sufficient self-descriptiveness; it is not necessary the additional, expensive equipment (a computer, a handheld computer, the GPS-receiver, etc.) for use of such maps. Thematic maps of Novosibirsk city and Novosibirsk area are on constant demand.

Cooperation with the various organizations and application of computer cartography modern means, allow the Siberian State Geodetic Academy to let out operatively maps with the various, actual maintenance of high polygraphic quality.

The digital address plan of Novosibirsk created on the basis of the digital on duty plan of city building in scales of 1:500 and 1:2000 which is constantly updated serves as geographical basis for creation of thematic maps. These works are conducted in the environment of desktop cartographic system MapInfo that allows automating works on formation of the map content.

On the basis of this plan the maps on all Novosibirsk and its separate regions are compiled. Supplementing the loading with special content (the objects of the Ministry of Emergency Measures interest, city communications) the special maps for subdivisions of the Ministry of Emergency Measures and Departments of Housing and Communal Services are compiled. The underground scheme and the map of Novosibirsk region are printed as tiling maps.

In 2003 to the 110 anniversary of the city the atlas Novosibirsk all and suburbs is created. In the content of this atlas historical photos of the city are included in the different periods of its formation. Photos were sorted out so that they displayed buildings and the constructions which have kept up to now. Maps have been found in archives and a museum on territory of city in different years which images have been included in the atlas too.

In 2005 the first release of the atlas for motorists and pedestrians was published, for today three issues of the atlas with the updated content were published. In the atlas are shown the basic prodrivings on the city, divided on categories by colour and width with the instruction of traffic direction on strips is shown; objects of car-care (auto shops, automobile repair shops, gasoline stations, etc.); large welfare projects, public health services, trade; large traffic schemes. In the atlas the information on jams frequency on the Novosibirsk streets is given, the most emergency sites are shown.

In 2006 the atlas of Novosibirsk in scale of 1:15000 is published where houses and their numbers, stops of public transport, significant city objects are shown.

By atlases processes preparation for map breakdown on pages, registrations of the thematic contents, formation of the streets and objects index are automated in many respects, that provides a high effectiveness, so important for preparation of cartographic editions for a megacity.

Feature of map technology and atlases preparation for publication consists of computer cartography means complex use. So, the finishing cycle of works is conducted in programs of vectorial graphic design that allows essentially expanding design opportunities.