O. Simav, H.P. Dalkiran, M. Ustun

General Command of Mapping, Cartography, Ankara, Turkiye


Map is one of the crucial and powerful tools used by many people in order to realize the circumstances. A map does not so much describe a world that is, but, when interpreted by our minds, it creates a world that could be. Nowadays, with modern computer mapping tools and worldwide connectivity, this capability take progress swiftly. One of these alternative kinds of mapping is Generic Map. The word “Generic” signifies introducing a state or a thing with its dictionary meaning. But in cartography, a bit different from its exact meaning, it is defined as introducing a thing that is not real. Unlike conventional map, a geographical field in generic map is not presented with its authentic condition because of the modification of data in various layers. Or, an imaginary ambience is created which is completely independent from the real data. Thoroughly a scenario work, this kind of maps is generally used in military applications, education, games and amusement purposes.


In this study; generic maps, their production progress and process along with cartographic implications which make it easily readable and presentable are examined throughout a map creation process. Later, it was expressed that, these generic maps can be widely used by many people all around the world for many different and diverse areas if necessary standards have been developed and maintained.