V.V. Gorjachko, A.V. Chernyshev

The Moscow State University


Methods of computer geoinformation modelling underlie designing, creation and use of the various integrated information-cartographical models. Among the latest it is necessary to underline special models: cartographic multimedia. Specific communication properties of cartographic multimedia are based on the fact that they display a complex geodata and others auxiliary component in the form of a polymodal information image for the researched phenomena and processes. Thus an information basis of cartographical multimedia are geoimages of three types: the map (plan), definitely processed space pictures and so-called virtual maps - three-dimensional dynamic cartographic models. Text materials and tables, photos, animated graphics, video and music are also an integral part of cartographic multimedia.

The technique of cartographical multimedia creation should comprise a number of general principles which can be presented in the following form:

Creation of cartographic multimedia should be based on the certain conceptual positions determining the purpose of its creation, methods of designing and character of use;

A technological basis of cartographical multimedia creation are GIS-TECHNOLOGIES and specialized computer programs which provide the complex of actions on input, processing and presentation of various data;

The technique of cartographical multimedia creation is based on the semantic approach to the analysis of the information and optimization of hypercommunications between components of multimedia geoinformation model.

Creation of cartographic multimedia should be made according to their optimization concerning engineering and psychological principles of information modelling in system "person-machine" and also principles of reliability of information modelling in system person-geoinformation mapping;

According to the basic methodological approach to designing cartographic multimedia it is necessary to use methodology of atlas mapping, and electronic complex mapping, as the optimal form of representing cartographical information, with required accuracy and reliability.

The specified principles of cartographical multimedia creation are approved,

in particular, at creation of the local multimedia atlas RUSSIA ON A THESHOLD OF THE THIRD MILLENIUM (the European North of Russia) and multimedia presentation of the atlas SPACE METHOD OF GEOECOLOGY .