I. Vilus, I. Landek, Z. Zeleznjak



Since the space presents the largest wealth of a country along with its population, it is necessary to describe it for the purpose of managing it effectively in the context of promotion the attainable development.

Trough CROTIS Project (Croatian topographic information system) standardization of topographic spatial data is comprised, that gives main and detailed solutions of topographic spatial system in domain of data model, their collecting, processing, accuracy, way of presentation, topologic relations and their interchange.

The purpose is establishing flexible, useful, simple but quality geo-information system based on modern technologies besides Earth surface modeling with emphasis of functionally important object categories for spatial management.

Republic of Croatia started to build its infrastructure soon after proclaiming independency, with the State Geodetic Administration (SGA) in the forefront of activities, but structured and organized without own production and development facilities.

CROTIS is conceived as a basic topographic information system of the Republic of Croatia containing the information needed by every user.

The Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Croatia, with the project "Military Geoinformation System - VoGIS" started to build a unique geoinformation system for the Ministry and Armed Forces which is based on the Croatian Topographic Information System made by the CROTIS data model.

This system will be in accordance with Croatian and international geoinformation standards and will fully conform to the NATO standards. According to the Preliminary Design, the goal of the VoGIS is the implementation of a geoinformation system that will be the basis for development of all further activities in domain of military spatial data, with special emphasis on creation of military cartographic database and military maps, along with the fulfillment of the Partnership Goals.