O. Cerba, M. Baranova

University of West Bohemia, Department of mathematics, Pilsen, Czech Republic,


There are often used online multimedia tutorial materials for training some of the cartographic subjects (Mathematical cartography, Thematical cartography, Mapping, Topographical mapping etc.) at University of West Bohemia. The main reasons are their ease of maintenance, prompt updating possibility and facility appreciated mainly by students of extramural studies. Currently there are materials created by several techniques from sophisticated educational system up to easy created texts placed at the internet. Connecting link is location of these materials at the websites of the section of geomatics at University of West Bohemia in Pilsen (

The subject matter of this report is preparation of all educational materials by means of technology based on XML platform - DocBook. DocBook is primary intended for preparation of technical documentation and that’s why its usage in cartography could be very helpful. System allows linked hypertext with vector or raster graphics and other multimedia materials. After addition of styles publishing in web page form (HTML, XHTML formats which can be modified by Cascading Style Sheets), texts intended for printing (PDF, PostScript, RTF, TeX) and different formats (e.g. Microsoft HTML Help, JavaHelp).

Chiefly students appreciate uniform design and simple control of educational materials. Contribution of DocBook could be its wider application among cartographic community. This application would led to wide and mainly easily interchange of information because DocBook presents unique subplatform technology that can play an important role on the field of accessibility, open system environment and usability of the digital (even cartographical) documents.