P. Carballo Cruz, M.J. Iniesto Alba

University of Santiago de Compostela


The actual European university context within the European Area of Higher Education framework appears like an opportunity for the development of the university system according with the times and demands of the society. This common frame is already a reality endorses by the biggest consensuses, and from the Area of Cartographic Engineering, Geodesy and Photogrammetry of the High Polytechnic School of the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC), we want to contribute with new ideas to provide with an intellectual, social and cultural space that satisfies the new expectations.

According to that, the main reason for creating this project was to promote and construct an educative system based on the quality and the transparency, where the roles teacher (teach) - student (learn) changes, being the student the attention centre; integrating to the same time, in this qualitative jump, the use of the information and communication technologies (ICT); permitting with new models of learning the develop of an opened methodology, flexible and adapted to the individual characteristics of each student, to facilitate the process of learning based on the interactivity and the construction of knowledge, applying the acquired knowledge in the other topics of the degree and improving the teacher-student communication and the co-operation between teachers, through the accomplishment of a real project, the Galician Digital Atlas, that combined with efficiency different present and virtual resources.

This work describes the characteristics of the Galician Digital Atlas like integrating tool of the studies of technical engineering in topography and what it has supposed its use in the improvement of these studies.

Keywords: Atlas, Digital Atlas, Education and trainingin Cartography.