A.P.Karpik, D.V.Lisitsky, E.V.Komissarova, E.S.Utrobina, V.S.Pisarev

The Siberian State Geodetic Academy


Development of a modern society dictates new requirements to a contents and knowledge feed methods. In view of usage of new information technologies, individual possibilities and inquiries of students there is a change of a contents and a way of traditional and remote derivation discipline teaching.

The creation of an interactive learning system is fast developing and demanded direction of modern derivation in which the teacher gives the place of activity to students, and the task of the teacher becomes creation of space for their initiative. On matching with traditional derivation in interactive training the teacher refuses a role of the original "filter" skipping through the educational information, and fulfils function of the students adviser in operation, as additional source of the information.

Necessity of such interactive environment creation first of all is caused by preparation of experts of a new formation.

The base methodology of an interactive learning system creation is developed in the Siberian State Geodetic Academy on Faculty of Cartography and Geoinformatics. Thus the attention to technological processes, structure and the operations organization in the interactive learning system differing traditional manuals and a technique of their teaching is concentrated. Besides it has been parsed, how much new geoinformation technologies can lean to advanced achievements in field.

The interactive learning system contains three main directions: the theoretical course training course and practical course. Further on passing all learning course the separate program on check of the received knowledge for students is stipulated. The program includes some tests having passed each student responds to some questions. After that the program automatically (in view of time of each question spent for the answer, quantity of attempts of the answer to each question) assesses. Being completed all statistical information is saved on the remote server and the teacher, during time convenient to him, can view statistics of answers and make the analysis what knowledge in the given subject each student has possessed. Also that he should be advised still «can view».

Scientifically and methodical principles of an interactive learning system are formulated on the basis of the fulfilled researches and practical developments and the number of an interactive learning system advantages in comparison with a traditional method of training is selected.

Unlike traditional cartographic-geodetic training, theoretical and practical courses of an interactive learning system are constructed on active involvement of the student with a various level of preparation and various abilities. Automatic and interactive search of the necessary information at execution of the work in combination to the hypertext form of a deepening in a data domain allows the student to receive more extensive information.

 The fulfilled researches and developments are inserted in educational process. Now this interactive learning system approbation is passed on geodetic specialities disciplines: «topographical plotting», «the engineering graphics» and «the common cartography» for students of 1 and 3 courses.

Operation for creating an interactive learning system for disciplines «Design of maps» and «Cartography and the engineering graphics» for students of a cartographical speciality and a speciality - land management and a cadastre proceeds.