Jussi Nikander, Kirsi Virrantaus

Helsinki University of Technology

Jussi.Nikander@tkk.fi, Kirsi.Virrantaus@tkk.fi


Spatial data algortihms (SDA) have been taught at TKK without a specific text book since there actually is no single book which would cover the field taught in the SDA course. Basic spatial data processing problems covered in the course include raster processing from representation to map algebra, several vector representations, concepts of TIN and Voronoi-Delaunay duality, spatial indexing, and data storage problems. These subjects have been taught using several text books for different topics and by offering students scientific articles to read on the field.

In order to improve learning a new web-based learning environment is under implementation. Part of the learning environment will be automatically assessed exercises implemented using the TRAKLA2 system (Malmi et al. 2004). The system allows the learners to simulate algorithmic operations on data structures through a graphical user interface.

We have planned algorithm simulation exercises to concretize problems and solutions in SDA. Exercises are mainly algorithm simulation tasks but including also some exploration assignments. The focus in planning the exercises has been on designing meaningful and simple assignment which would support understanding essential principles of the algorithms being taught.

TRAKLA2 system has now been implemented and it will be use in the course next year.


Malmi, L., Karavirta, V., Korhonen, A., Nikander, J. (2004). Visual Algorithm Simulation Exercise System with Automatic Assesment: TRAKLA2, Informatics in Education, Vol 3. No 2, pp. 267-288, 2004.