K. Stanek, M. Konecny, L. Friedmannova

Masaryk University, LGC, Brno, Czech Republic


Spatial information is the key factor of decision making process in crisis management. Traditional and well approved way how to make spatial information readable to decision maker is by methods of cartographic visualization.

Contemporary methods of cartographic visualization allow generating various visual representations of spatial data. Thanks to this ability is possible to create maps adapted by usage context and consequently to make particular decision support more efficient.

The project Dynamic Visualization in Crisis Management is focused on proposal and evaluation of cartographic visualization methods for the support of decision making in crisis management. The early stage of the project is focused on visualization in area of hazardous material transport.

This paper is oriented on the problematic of context identification, modification of map content related to the context and visual means handling. Difference between contexts based maps for the decision making support and for the navigation will also be discussed.

Another sensitive issue in this area is a search of equilibrium between standardization and user bases adaptability. There will be also presented contemporary implementation of visualization beside the theoretical background of the project.