N.C. Deng, Y.L Liu, Y. Liu, W. Liu

School of Resource and Environmental Science, Wuhan University, Wuhan, China


The research aims at establishing system of urban land grade and datum land price of HuBei province in China, which shows regional difference of land quality and land price level. The production of this research will provide important reference in constituting macro policy of regional land planning and promote balanced harmonious development of land transaction.

Based on analysis of advantage and disadvantage of research methods in existence, the paper introduces the technology process of urban land gradation and how to balance urban datum land price of different cities and towns. Balance of urban datum land-price is based on urban land gradation, principal component analysis helps selecting of evaluation factors and confirmation of weights. K-Means clustering by distance is used to enhance the efficiency of land gradation. In the instance of HuBei province in China, research methods have been improved. Based on land gradation, We propose the method of zoning by regional economic development level to determine reasonable capitalization rate and capacity rate. Then we choose representative towns by coincidence level between score of evaluation unit in land gradation and datum land price, on the basis of improving piecewise linear interpolation, the paper presents the method of qualification by piecewise regression analysis model and spatial interpolation. By establishing linear regression equation or exponential regression equation between score of evaluation unit in land gradation and sample points of transaction, we can balance urban datum land price, modify abnormal land price. what’s more, Triangular irregular network and Kriging algorithm is used to establish 3D surface model for datum land price and calculate datum land-price by spatial location of different cities.

Based on GIS platform, Information system of balancing urban datum land price is developed to gather ,store and analyse index system of factors in urban land gradation and information of land transaction. Geo-computation and spatial analysis enhance the function of the Information system. Map of datum land-price is compiled to show the trend of urbanization level of different cities.