D.N. Timerkaeva

FGUP "Uralmarkshejderia"


It is necessary to have exact, trustworthy information about terrain and its boundaries for effective development of terrains and successful activity of enforcement authorities.

The Federal law from October, 6th, 2003 N 131-FZ "About General Principles of the Local Government Organization in the Russian Federation", installs general legal, territorial, organizational and economic principles of the local government organization, safeguards of its implementation and differentiation of powers of the Russian Federation government bodies in the field of local government.

The government of the Chelyabinsk oblast has appeared as the operation customer on compiling maps of Chelyabinsk oblast municipal derivation terrains and the description of municipal derivation boundaries with publishing of the Federal Law.

The calculation of all previously executed operations was demanded for correct deposition of municipal derivations boundaries. That is why starting materials for operation were selected on the 4-th basic directions.

1. A map material:

Topographic maps in scales of 1:25000 and 1:5000, advanced maps in scale of 1:100 000;

Land capability maps in scales of 1:25 000 and 1:10 000;

Forest regulation maps in scale of 1:25 000;

Large scale maps for built over lands.

2. Materials of previously executed operations: reports under the description and negotiation of Chelyabinsk oblast municipal derivation boundaries with Sverdlovsk oblast, Republic of Bashkortostan and Kurgan oblast;

3. Materials of cadastral division, boundary of Chelyabinsk oblast especially protected areas.

4. Materials of human settlements inventory, Chelyabinsk oblast motor-roads.

Combining the departmental information on the unified topographic basis was effected as a result.

Different scales topographic maps were considered for usage of the unified topographical basis. Topographic maps in scale of 1:25 000 scale were selected.

Cadastral division was executed both in general state, in local and relative coordinate systems. Recalculation of coordinates from local and relative coordinate systems in general state system, has led to that there were not considered allotments or twice costing on the count.

An analysis of departmental materials and experience of its usage at deposition of boundaries is represented in the report.

The procedure of the description was coordinated with Chelyabinsk Oblast Legislative Assembly. There are different procedures of the boundaries description.

One procedure is the description of boundary clockwise. At the beginning the northern side, then eastern, southern and western ones are described. The second procedure is the description compounded on lots of boundary from one nodal point up to next one. An analysis of the positive and negative moments of these procedures is done then. The second procedure is selected for this operation.

Boundary on lots was printed out on maps at scale 1:25 000 on format 3 and descriptions of boundaries were compiled. At the beginning of boundaries negotiation the assigned responsible experts from municipal derivations and Chairmen of Land Committees (from 5-6 adjoining terrains) were invited. They checked up and adjusted the boundary plotted.

After modification, the material in 4 copies was routed for final negotiation to neighboring communes. This material has been signed from two sides by Chiefs of municipal derivations, Chiefs of Deputy Assemblies and Chiefs of Land Committees, further this material was subscribed by chief of regional Land Committee.

A question of boundaries negotiation difficulties which have met at operations fulfillment is considered in details

After final negotiation of boundaries the cartographical description on municipal terrain was composed. This material was transmitted to Chelyabinsk oblast Legislative Assembly.

Divergences with Chelyabinsk oblast cadastral division have come to light as a result of performed operation. Conforming services must conduct the cadastral units updating in places of the revealed divergences.

It is offered to create unified informational space for effective development of terrains and successful activity of enforcement authorities.

One of layers will be Chelyabinsk oblast municipal derivation boundaries.