D. Svobodova

Land Survey Office of the Czech Republic


ZABAGED is a digital topographic model of the Czech Republic territory derived from the map image of the Basic Map of the Czech Republic 1:10 000. It integrates spatial elements of vector graphic with topological relations and attribute sets defined in cooperation with other external data sources as water authorities, transportation, etc. Administrator of the ZABAGED is Land Survey Office, central administrative body for surveying with nationwide competence. ZABAGED is an obligatory data source for a new generation of state map series for civil purposes and for creating state and communal information systems. ZABAGED was created and improved in the process of the first updating based on photogrammetric methods and field revision in the period 1995-2005. It was generated and operated in the MicroStation graphic environment and MGE (Intergraph) GIS environment using the ORACLE relational database till the year 2006. The production environment of the administration and updating of ZABAGED was completely changed during the year 2006. The new system represents modern technology based on three-tier architecture: ORACLE 10g database using the ORACLE Spatial component (SDO_GEOMETRY format), Application Server running in the J2EE environment and providing standard services (OGC), client application developed in .NET on top of Bentley’s MicroStation XM technology and communication based on XML/GML. Benefits for data users are mainly optimized object-oriented data-model with unique ID´s, change-only data instead of complete update delivery and availability of object life cycle information. The Land Survey Office maps production was and still is based on MicroStation/MGE environment. In the half of the year 2006 the Basic Map of the Czech Republic 1:10 000 derived from ZABAGED covered the whole territory of the Czech Republic and remaining map sheets of other medium scale state maps will be completed till the year 2008. It is supposed to establish a new map production workflow and software environment during the years 2007, 2008 and to integrate both ZABAGED and cartography systems.