D. Divjak, I. Landek, I. Vilus

State Geodetic Administration


Through CROTIS Project (Croatian topographic information system), standardization of topographic spatial data is comprised, that gives main and detailed solutions of topographic spatial system in domain of data model, their collecting, processing, accuracy, way of presentation, topologic relations and their interchange. The purpose is establishing flexible, useful, simple but quality geo-information system based on modern technologies beside Earth surface modelling with emphasis on functionally important object categories for spatial management. In year 2002. CROTIS has become de facto the Croatian standard for establishment of geoinformation systems in topographic domain.

Usage of new technology in data capturing, analysis, processing, storage and exchange; caused customisation of data model and data exchange prescribed with the new standards. Use of the standards provides an open and interoperable system.

With project "Production of an object-oriented conceptual data model and production of GML application schema", new CROTIS data model, new schema for data exchange and a new data catalogue fully conformed to the latest ISO and OGC standards is proposed. In this paper the main elements of the project are presented. The modelling was done for the purpose of data model improvement, according to standards that provide methods and properties for display of model objects and model attributes. UML (Unified Modelling Language) is used for formal description of the data. A logical data model in UML enables the implementation of GIS, including the database.

Besides creation of CROTIS Database according to new CROTIS 1.2 model, the new GML application schema, and solution for storing XML/GML documents is described as well.