R. Liu, Y. Jia, X. Zhou, J. Jiang, W. Zhang

National Geomatics Center of China, Beijing, China


The National Fundamental Geographic Information System (NFGIS) is one of the largest nationwide GIS in China. It is the main system of the State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping, China (SBSM) and a main part of the NSDI of China. It is being developed by the National Geomatics Center of China (NGCC). A series of databases of the system have been established, such as topographic databases, Geographic Names Databases, DEM, Ortho-photo Databases and so on, which cover the whole China at the different scales of 1:4M, 1:1M, 1:250,000 and 1:50,000. The data products created from the NFGIS have been provided to a wide range of fields for national and regional economic and social applications. As fundamental datasets of the NSDI of China, the NFGIS data products help users to make decisions for their management, to locate their information on correct spatial positions, to provide a means of integrating various information, to reduce duplication of effort and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of collecting and managing geospatial data, etc.

Generally the NFGIS data products have the following characteristics:

l        They are multi-types, multi-scales and cover a wide territory.

l        They are fundamental data resources.

l        As the common spatial base for all kinds thematic data, they are easily to share.

l        Be in the present data and historic data, they are values in uses.

l        The data are produced only once and can be used times without number.

l        They can be accumulated and regenerated simply.

Linked with local network in each provincial geomatics center of China, the NFGIS Network has been formed by internal and external network nationally. The website and metadata of the NFGIS databases and products have been issued. Data distribution and information services of the system have been carried out through the web.