yang Liu

School of resource and environmental science , Wuhan University, Wuhan, Hubei,China, 430072


The Design and Implementation of land reservation and trading System Based on GIS Technology


LIU Yang, Lan Ze Yin

(School of resource and environmental science , Wuhan University, Wuhan, Hubei,China, 430072)


Nowadays Information resource is just as important as material resource, it is urgent to use modern information technology to digitize, visualize, network the business process of land reservation and trading, including data acquiring, transmitting, storing, disposing and serving, and GIS technology is very good at that. In order to greatly promote the efficiency of land management and provide information service for government decision and social application, we introduce the GIS technology to realize a information system about land reservation and trading. The paper will be organized into 4 parts, frame design, database design, function design, summary, to expound the study.

(1)Frame design: The system structure is composed of three layers, including application layer, middle layer and data layer.

(2)Database design: The data layer is divided into two databases, spatial database and attribute database. The spatial datasets are organized by the means of map layers which are concentrated in the Oracle database. On the other hand, the attribute datasets composed of record tables in various business stage and other information tables are managed by the SQL server database. The two databases are connected with each other by the sole key field such as ID number.

(3)Function design and innovation: The development of the system is based on MapObject component and Visual Basic language. Its function includes layer controlling, business management, information overview, process monitoring, information querying, map outputting and power management, etc. Layer controlling not only provides the functions of layer operation and browse, but also can control the detail of the map content according to the changes of map scale automatically. Besides, it can also add topographic maps or satellite images rapidly according to the spatial index of the target area when the scale is big enough. Information querying can inquire the objective of land reservation or trading by means of space topology and property, as well as get some more info about the plot such as parcel property, mortagage information, closing down information, etc to find out illegal behavior and other knowledge. Business management not only provides the function of data input, editing, inquiry, locating and output, it also offers decision support to users about whether reserving or not or how to evaluate the transaction plot. Information overview enables us rapidly skim over the attribute info, attached drawing, accessory and multimedia information about the objective by means of multimedia GIS technology. Process monitoring could adopt spatial overlay analysis to acquire object's life trackits spatial configuration and attribute information in various business stage; The making of maps is available outputting the areas in which users are interested in the forms of pictures or simple standard maps.

(4) Summary and outlook: The thought above has been carried out in this item and get very good effect. The assistant decision-making module of land reservation and trading will be the emphases of future research.